Dog And Baby Born On The Same Day Do Everything Together


Baby and bulldog, born in the same day, I think that they are brothers and do everything together. When 25-year-old mother from Chicago Yvette Ivens saw a French bulldog, born on the same day as her son Dylan, she realized it was a sign. Since then, the puppy Farley lives with them and together with the child.

“I’m pretty sure Dylan thinks he’s in with Farley of the same breed. At least now they both move on all four at the same level from the ground and are the same stage: chew everything I see” says Yvette. The baby and puppy play a lot together and understand each other with half a glance. As well as eat together and often bathe. Farley comes to sleep with the baby. Between them there is a deep connection.

Amazing to see how they understand each other without a single word. Farley often eats after Dylan when he throws food, and when the baby is crying, the puppy licks his neck, and he begins to laugh.