Dog alone, chained in freezing cold for 4 years


Diesel the dog was first found outside, chained so that he could not escape and find its own shelter. The owners must have thought it was not worth it to have him indoors. he was freezing to death as he kept changing his sitting position to manage the biting cold on its paws. He first held up one paw from the freezing ground, and then interchanged it by holding up the other paw. The physical health of this dog was nothing but a testament of neglect. It had lost most of its teeth.

Since he was chained, it meant that other dogs could come and attack him freely. There were blood stains on his white fur from injuries sustained from a dog fight. A horse once kicked him in the mouth and as a result lost most of his teeth and bit off his tongue.

Donna, his owner was getting tired and had threatened to shoot him to death. That is one of the common animal control methods in the northern states. That is when an animal rescue services organization was asked for help, and they moved in swiftly to rescue Diesel.

Watch the video below for more on Diesel’s story and to find out ways you can help!