Dog Almost Killed By Flies Was Too Sick To Fight When Rescuers Showed Up


It’s unknown how long the pet has been on the street, but his condition was just terrible. In appearance it was difficult to understand not only the breed but a species of animal. Saved dog volunteers reported that they had never seen such an abandoned pet.

The animal was in a terrible state, his fur was so matted that one foot is “rooted” to the ear. The long coat of the Lhasa Apso was stuck solid in mud Mat, and one foot stuck in the area of the ear. To cut the fallen hair, volunteers had to immerse the animal in anesthesia.

“For 30 years of work as a volunteer I have not seen anything more terrible and heartbreaking. The one who made this shocking condition of the animal, no excuses,” said Amanda Sands, Director of the center for rescue dogs.