Dog Almost Euthanized, Alerts Neighborhood to Potentially Dangerous Gas Leak


Nobody wanted this dog. She was on adoption list for about a year and it was hard to find the owners for her. She was almost euthanized there. I am so glad that did not happen. She was destined to save people from the gas leak. Without inborn sensitivity to such things the tragic accident could take place.
This is how Kailey became a hero dog. Her story is told by her owner Suzy Chandler. When dog lived in the shelter, she was isolated and alone there and the longer she stayed there, the more wary of people she was.
When dog felt gas she started barking, growling and pulled humans in direction of the other side of the yard where the problem was. When owner felt overpowering gas, she called 911. The situation was very dangerous and Kailey prevented negative outcome.