Dog Abandoned At Train Station Tied To A Suitcase, Rescuers Heartbroken At What’s Inside


This is the story of a Sharpei mix that was found all alone. This dog was left in a Scottish train station to fend for itself and this is a heartbreaking tale. All the dog had to its name at this moment in time was their bowl, a pillow, a toy and a little bit of food. Worst of all, the dog was also in desperate need of an eye operation and their condition was not improving.

He was eventually given the name Kai and Kai would need a great deal of help in order to survive this nightmare scenario. Once the photos of Kai stuck at the train station all alone started to circulate online, people wanted to know how they could possibly step up to help. Animal lovers could not believe what they were seeing and knew that they would need to come forward to save Kai from an uncertain fate.

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