Doctors Loose Hope With 62-Year-Old Deep In Coma, Then His Dog Sits In His Hospital Bed…


The dogs are our four-legged friends and they do really brave things for their owners. For many people dog is their only companion and the closest friend. As a result, the dog and the owner develop a special bond. People feed and care for their pets but the bond that is established presupposes something deeper than that.
Being empathic creatures, dogs do everything as a human friend but in its own way: tries to cheer up and make you smile. When owner is happy, the dog is happy too. In the same way, other feelings are reflected as well. Some dogs even try to save their owners when they are in trouble.
The owner of this dog named Andy is diagnosed with cancer and though he fights the disease well, his immune system is too weak and can’t withstand viruses. Andy had pneumonia and was induced into coma. His wife decided to bring the dog to the hospital to help the man wake up. Watch what came of it.