Doberman that usually Scares Others is Scared by a Toy!


Name the breeds of guard dogs that you are familiar with. Chances are, the doberman will appear at the top of your list. A doberman certainly isn’t a dog to be taken lightly. Cracking pranks is beyond question. However, the owner of the doberman seen in the video thinks otherwise.

In the beginning, you can see the doberman Tessa seated in the room. She is busy trying to chew on a tennis ball. By all means, she looks fearsome as a doberman should, even with the collar on. Soon, the owner slyly pushes into the room a stuffed toy resembling a tiny doberman. The moment Tessa sees it, the ball drops from her jaws and she springs in surprise and begins barking. Tessa thinks that she has encountered a living animal of some kind. Taking the prank further, the owner, invisible to Tessa behind the wall, mimics a puppy’s barking sound and shakes the stuffed toy simultaneously. This again makes Tessa suspicious about what she is seeing.

At a certain point of time while Tessa panics and barks, the tennis ball goes toward the stuffed toy. However, from the angle that the video is shot, it is clear that Tessa could now see the owner’s hand behind the stuffed toy. However, she still thinks that the owner is holding a real animal in the hand. Gradually, the owner carefully moves the toy in such a way that it appears to Tessa that her favorite ball is being taken away.

Soon, the moment the toy (and the ball) disappears behind the wall, Tessa goes for discovering what just happened. Suddenly she sees the toy making an entry in the room again, and is taken aback. Another round of barking (and mimicry) goes on for a few seconds and then the ‘toy’ dog again disappears behind the walls.

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