Depressed German Shepherd In Kill Shelter Was Too Sad To Greet Visitors Anymore


Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California tries to find homes for as many dogs as they can. But unfortunately, they are what is referred to as a “high kill shelter”.

A high kill shelter means that the shelter runs on a time limit. Each animal’s “time” starts ticking when they arrive and then if they’re not adopted by the time the limit is reached, the shelter euthanizes adoptable animals to make space for newly incoming animals.

Glen was a pup who found himself in this very position. He was a one-year-old German Shepherd who was sadly dropped off at this shelter.

Life at a shelter is no cake walk. Glen would be the first one to testify to that if he could talk. He started out his stay fairly optimistic. At first, he showed everyone around the love you would expect from a puppy. It almost seemed as though he didn’t know that his situation was abnormal.

Then, after a few months stay, he was too depressed to even make an effort or show himself friendly. He was terrified, fearful, and quickly losing hope that someone might come to his rescue.

Then, nearing the end of his kennel run, he was getting close to being moved to the back of the shelter, where he could be scheduled to be euthanized.

But thankfully, someone stepped up and adopted him!!! They posted about his case on social media and it spread like wildfire! The right family got him!!

Thank you to all who rescue dogs instead of fueling puppy mills