Dehydrated Stray Dog Found By The Road Cries For Joy


When Tania Cappulleti went out for an unbelievably hot Sunday stroll in Costa Rica, her objective was to search for a timid cream-colored stray dog who she had found the previous week. Even though Tania wasn’t able to locate the dog for whom she had initially been searching, she did discover another one who needed to be saved.

Lying to the side of a dirty street, not even close to any town, was a black bony dog. Tania immediately stopped her car to take a look at the poor pup. She said that her initial thoughts when she found this dog were the thoughts she had every time she encountered a stray.

“[It was] exactly the same notion I usually have whenever I notice a stray: Oh [no,] poor puppy. She must be really dehydrated!’ I pulled over without hesitation. We were on a rescue mission either way. I got foam beds from the back of my truck, water and also pet food – she really was fortunate.”

When Tania greeted the lovely puppy, the dog lost her balance on the road, weeping.

“When she saw our car coming over and noticed me and Blendan getting out there – she began to walk closer to us [and] was in fact crawling – and when she was in front of us she just collapsed and wept and wept and wept [with] happiness, soreness, thirst as well as starvation.”

After an initial check up, it turned out that this abandoned dog wasn’t just covered in fleas and ticks, she had also been incredibly dehydrated. Her situation didn’t prevent her from showing her appreciation to her rescuers though.

“She was very lovely and mild. All of us fell deeply in love with her immediately!”

Tania and the two volunteers who had been with her, Blendan Thomas and Olivia Mocillo, gave the dog (who they called Gaia) tiny quantities of food and water. Seemingly, saving Gaia couldn’t have come at a much more vital time, as Tania explained:

“We took her away from the sun into the small shade that was along the side of the road and offered her water. She sipped and sipped and sipped, but she wasn’t standing up – she was way too weak.”

Tania, as a matter of fact, is the co-founder of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a “foundation that provides temporary care and attention and also homes for deserted dogs in severe health or who happen to be victims of mistreatment.”

Once Tania saved Gaia, she was moved to a foster, who had initially offered to look after the cream-colored dog that Tania had started looking for. As soon as Tania reached the foster home with Gaia, there was clearly a few mix-ups.

“They had been somewhat taken aback, mainly because they were expecting us to appear with the cream colored Labrador. We consulted with them in advance if they could foster the Lab. When we turned up with Gaia, they were like, ‘What? We assumed it was a cream-colored dog?’ I mentioned, ‘Yeah but we discovered her instead.’ They said not a problem, we [will] have her too.”

Gaia was then transported to the vet, where it was confirmed that she didn’t require a lot of medical assistance despite the situation in which she had been discovered.

“…[W]e gave her flea drops and got rid of all the ticks. When we went to the vet she just needed de-worming and vaccines. She actually is an extremely healthy little puppy!”

Gaia wound up staying five weeks with her foster home just before her new mom, Johanne Froment, found her photo shared on the Facebook page of Osa Peninsula Rescue and Adoptions, a Costa Rican group that provides spay and neuter solutions along with adoption services.

Now, Gaia usually spends her time having fun with her new mom, her two kitty bros, Tigré and Sacha, and savoring her new beloved activity – coming to the beach.

“Gaia[‘s] preferred hobby is to [go] for a stroll on the beach. [J]ust finding the leash she start[s] bouncing and mak[ing] amusing noise[s]….[S]he definitely like[s] getting hug[ged] in [the] water [so] she can stay in there for quite a while.”

As Johanne stated, Gaia is flourishing in her new home.

“Gaia [has] an extremely wonderful character! [S]he is incredibly sociable and constantly want[s] to play!…She like[s] to be petted lots, though. I do believe she’s pleased with having us now.”