Deaf Rescued Pit Bull Flips Out To See His Dad Return!


It’s with great sadness in our hearts we must announce that Cotton, the pit bull, has been put to sleep after his battle with pain. Sadly he was experiencing such pain that it was the only option left… As a kind of testament to his life, there is a video of him and his dad, it’s beautiful!

Reunion videos are really happy to watch and uplifting, in a way that gives us the feeling that, after all, there is kindness in the world after all, somewhere at least. Seeing love between two humans, or even a human and his or her best four-pawed pal is just awesome and touching at the sale time.

How will you feel when you see it? The single moment this doggie sees his dad, I lost it completely!

Cotton is the sweetest and so beautiful, he is deaf though too, he was waiting impatiently for his dad to return after not seeing him for two whole days, that’s really long in doggie days!

His dad was a soldier and had left for drill training over the weekend. His wife Shanti said that Cotton was sat transfixed, staring out of the window, waiting for his return, eagerly, nuzzling the curtains aside with his muzzle.

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