Daring Chihuahua Goes After Massive Great Dane


Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. This video proves this fact. 2 dogs named Lilly and Vago became friends because friendship has no limits and it doesn’t care about the differences. Little Lilly is a tiny 2-week old chihuahua, while Vago is a massive Great Dane. They started playing right from the first meeting.

Vago and Lilly met at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The chihuahua is tiny, but she is fearless like many little dogs as you know. She goes after her large counterpart. Vago is her opposite. Being so calm and gentle, they interact beautifully – their communication will make you smile. Wait till you see Lilly trying to play with such a large dog! It is so adorable
The “small dog syndrome” is a common thing for little dogs. They think that they are stronger than their big opponents. This is certainly not so but such pooches as Lilly just might pack a punch!