Daisy Loves Ice Cream But Cooper Loves It More


The heroes of this video are two dogs, Cooper and Daisy. These dogs are sweet tooth, but they have one favorite treat — it’s ice cream from McDonalds. When the owner wants to pamper their Pets, she buys them ice cream.

Cooper large it is a watchdog breed Labrador, so Daisy hostess gives dainties the first. Poor Cooper is trying to contain his impulses. But why the first gets a treat for a smaller dog? The answer is simple, as soon as the mistress allows the Labrador to eat ice cream, the entire horn disappears in his mouth for a second. Hilarious video.

Having a pet in the house is always wonderful. Especially if that animal is a dog. Love and loyalty of these creatures known for a long time, so deciding to acquire a new family member, you get a reliable friend who will always wait and love, no matter what. Simply put-this is a great happiness!