Dad Walks In To See The Dog In The Crib…And He Interrogrates


Bobtail climbed into the baby’s crib. Under the shaggy coat of this dog lies a wayward cheerful animal with persistence and innate pastoral instincts. The old English shepherd dog or Bobtail loves people and is not a bad watchdog although it does not belong to the watchdog.

A dog requires is worthy of attention, especially in matters of grooming. The first thing that catches the eye when meeting with the dog breed Bobtail – her amazing hair. Before these dogs are wrongly considered stupid. In fact, Bobtail is an independent and intelligent animal.

From an ordinary shepherd dog, the old English shepherd dog has become a wonderful companion dog that can help on the farm and brighten up the loneliness of any person. This is a very good-natured and active dog. Many describe the old English shepherd as a kind, devoted pet who loves people. Sometimes the dog is being stubborn.