Dad Hands Each Dog A Treat, But What The One On The Far Left Does? This Is So Smart And Hilarious!


Just imagine that you have not just one dog but the whole pack of dogs! It is necessary to train and discipline them and this is what the man in this video does. After dogs perform their tricks, they are rewarded with treats. This is essential condition that contributes to successful training. It is also useful to give a treat when the dog behaves but what this puppy does will leave you in stitches. If the dog is smarter than others, why not use your abilities? This resourceful doggy knows what to do to get more treats! All pets wait patiently with exception of one doggy. While dogs wait for their turn, this one wants to get twice as much! This funny pup will make your day!
Treats are so tasty! Dog decided to switch places in the treat line, to get extra treat! Such an intelligent dog! Will the owner notice that?