Cyclists Stop To Save Dog Found Tied Tightly To A Tree In The Forest


It was extremely shocking.

Recently, one particular shocking clip has went viral rather quickly amongst Facebook users – and it was heartbreaking to watch. One group of cyclists were shown to be saving a dog who was found tightly tied to a tree via a rope on its neck – it had been cruelly abandoned in the woods and left to die. The video had been first posted on the Asociación Animalista Libera’s Facebook Page, which is a Spanish animal rescue organization. The post was accompanied by a description that read: “It takes a very bad person to leave a defenseless animal like that, with a rope that would not allow him to lie down.”

The poor dog’s neck had been tied so tightly to the tree that he was forced to remain in a strictly rigid and upright position, which caused him to be unable to even lie down or rest. The dog was visibly starved till bone-thin and confused. He did not even have the energy to bark or to cry out for help.

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