Cute Tiger & Puppy unlikely friends play together & Swim


This nice tiger cub plays with a puppy, he does not know what he is an awesome beast! In the United States has acquired mass character content tigers homes in as a household Pets. This hobby was caused by a number of reasons.

Firstly, a large number of tiger cubs, which became the offspring of circus animals, as well as tigers–zoo Pets, caused a significant decrease in the prices of these animals. This allowed tigers to become more accessible to Americans. Secondly, the US law does not prohibit the keeping of tigers at home in 16 States, 15 of which will require a license. In 19 States a tiger can not be considered a pet.

The statistics show that in the United States of America about 12,000 animals live at home thanks to such laws as well as low prices for tigers. Funny video like a tiger playing with a puppy and doesn’t even know who he really is! This video will definitely cheer you up! Children they after all always children, even animals! And they say that tigers are mean! Watch and enjoy!