Cute dogs demanding petting


Sometimes, giving advice on dog walking, training has to hear in response something like: “We knew that the dog will need our attention, but did not think that the dog needs to devote as MUCH time!”.

So how much time is spent walking, grooming, training? Is there a way to reduce this time, and if so, by what? What impact will such “savings” on health and the health of the animal? These issues are of concern to many. What the dog requires a lot of time and attention, it is clear to everyone. It all depends on the age of the dog, level of training, from the course and the goal that you set for yourself and your pet.

A five-year-old who has completed all the courses you can imagine (or courses you have found necessary to study) will need three 20-minute workouts a week to maintain working capacity. With a young dog that you train for themselves in order to develop appropriate handling and basic safety skills will have to do an hour and a half three times a week.