Cute Dog Protects Pregnant Belly


All dog owners know that their four-legged friends perfectly feel all human emotions. They at first sight understand all our feelings: for example, when we are sad, worried or angry. But this is not the only amazing ability they possess!

The stunning scent of these animals helps to understand that something is wrong in the human body. That’s how a dog named Keola managed to save the life of her pregnant mistress and her unborn son. But suddenly Keola’s behavior changed completely. The dog began to show to the stomach Alhanna extremely strong interest.

She barked, whined and poked him in the face, as if trying to see something. After about 18 weeks of pregnancy Alhana felt a very strong pain in the back. She was so sharp, the woman couldn’t even walk. Al Hanna went to the doctor to find out the cause of such pain in the neck of the back, but he did not find anything serious.