Couple Stranded On A Roof As Flood Waters Rage Refuses To Be Rescued Without Their Dogs


When the disaster comes people behave in a different way. Such things put us to test. We never know who we are until such troubles happen. The couple in this video showed how brave they are! Brave and faithful to their pets that climbed on the roof with them when floods devastated the area.
A couple happened to be stranded on a roof of a house. It was very scary as sections of their house were swept away by rapid water and there was no time to lose.
When the helicopter was sent to rescue people, the conditions were awful. But when the rescue team arrived, they discovered that people were not alone. They had dogs with them! The wind was very strong, the force of water was strong as well. Still they kept together and believed that they would be rescued. The house could have collapsed at any moment and wash them all away. Heart-pounding video shows hard efforts of rescuers trying to save this brave couple!