Couple Lost Their 3-Legged Dog, Now They Are Adopting Dogs With The Same Condition


Watch the video about a couple and their “Tripawd Squad” to meet an amazing family where all dogs have three paws. It all began with Casey, who was born with only three legs. The doggy captured their hearts. It was so lovely that humans fell in love with Casey’s character. They loved dog’s spirit and love for life, in spite of the problems that arose. Then they adopted one more dog with the same problem that also had only 3 legs. It was an ideal companion for Casey. But after the tragedy when Casey was killed in an accident, all mourned her loss. Casey was like a glue they lost so they did not know what to do and then they decided to find one more dog that had similar deformity. They hurried to adopt him. They called the dog Chance and were amazed to see that Chance also had the same spirit! The couple could not stop on it and continued to look for tripawd and this is incredible.