Corgi Puppy Goes Out In 1 Feet Of Fresh Snow. His Adorable Antics Will Make Your Day Sooo Much Better


The little dog ran bravely to conquer the snow. Despite the fact that Corgi is a small dog, the courage she has enough. The Welsh Corgi is a dog with a short body and large erect ears. In personal appearance, the representatives of this breed is very similar to a Fox.

This image successfully highlight the round dark eyes with a distinctive black rim. The Pembroke legs are straight, what can be said about the cardigans. As a rule, the tails of these dogs are docked, even in cases when they are relatively short from birth, as is necessary to comply with the breed standard.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke came about in the twelfth century. This makes it more young in comparison with the direct relative of the Welsh Corgi cardigan. Some researchers of the history of dogs suggest that the name of the breed comes from the Welsh word “Korg” – dwarf.