Cops Find This Stray Dog On The Street. But When They Bring Him To The Station, Amazing!


Instead of turning its back on a stray dog, the Kirtland Police Department in Ohio decided to let him stay.

On Tuesday, the department shared a new photo of the dog they named John Doe (JD) sleeping peacefully in the station with a red toy by his side.

“It has been a busy day!” the department playfully wrote as the caption.

But just weeks before, the dog’s future was uncertain when the department found him as a stray. Kirtland Police tried to find the owners, but were unsuccessful.

Much like that officer in Kansas who adopted the tiny dog he rescued, however, the officers decided to do the same for the adorable canine, whom they said they love.

The sweet gesture struck a chord with many animal lovers, who commented on the Facebook announcement.

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