Cop Hears Desperate Cries For Help and Dives Headfirst into a Drain to Save Puppy!


When little puppy went to explore the world one day, he went away from his mom, and full down a drainage hole.
It happened in one of the Thai villages in Thailand. People noticed the distressed mother dog. She heard her puppy crying and calling for help but could not do anything about it. Fortunately, the residents of the village were responsive and called the police. Nobody could reach the puppy as the drain entrance was too small. The puppy was only 1 month old and he went unto the hole 45 x 60cm. The rescuers hoped that the puppy would just crawl to them but the pup was frightened. Then 54-year-old police officer, Yak Srivijaya, jumped into the drainage and crawled through the passage to reach the puppy.
All this time mom worried near the entrance, poking her head to the tunnel. She followed what man did to save her precious baby. She was very thankful to the officer for his heroic efforts!