Cop Finds A Freezing Dog Struggling To Survive. But Watch When He Brings Him To The Shelter


We often hear stories about cops who aren’t willing to uphold the promise that they have made to the public to protect and serve them, so it is nice to hear about a police officer who went above and beyond to assist someone who was desperately in need of their timely assistance.

The officer in this story came across a dog who had somehow managed to fall into the icy waters of Lake Michigan and as you might have imagined, the poor animal was unable to rescue itself. The mere act of remaining afloat had drained them of all their energy and the future was looking very grim.

Fortunately, this helpful officer showed up in the nick of time and was able to save the pup from a watery grave. Once someone spotted the dog in the midst of their struggles and alerted local authorities, they arrived on the scene expeditiously and set about the task of rescuing the nearly frozen creature.

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