Cop Cries When He Sees How Former Service Dogs Are Treated, Refuses To Stand By And Do Nothing


A retired cop has built a home for elderly dogs. This kind man for many years served in police, protected local residents from bad people. Throughout the service he was helped by dogs. For all his seniority male trained various skills for about thirty dogs. When he retired, then was faced with the fact that the old dogs that can no longer serve, nowhere to go. So he decided to build a dog house guests.

When one of the dogs named Sonny got cancer of the skin, the vet advised Bai to put him to sleep. Instead of Buy every day to do dog baths. Here he built a special house, full of equipment and walking paths for dogs, so the dogs got lots of exercise. There is also the cemetery where 26 former “friends” Buy. It is difficult to hold back tears when he discusses these fallen friends. Now the resort has 16 dogs, with whom Bay worked. He does most of the work, stopping three times a day to cook, to eat, to play with the dogs and give them medicine. Most weekends he spends here.

Although people offered to help Bayu in financing a home, he again refuses the money saying that these dogs are his family and his responsibility. A man helping neighbors and associates. He has enough strength and love, every day cares for dogs who are a big part of his life he ministered to others.