Children tried to save newborn Puppies not realizing what was more out there.


The children tried to save the puppies, not knowing what was making things worse. The puppies were not homeless. They were just waiting for mother, who went in search of food. The number of homeless animals on the streets is growing steadily. Fortunately, there are people willing to do the salvation of our brothers.

This family also had to save from the streets. Usually, stray dogs save, treat, arrange fairs and marathons, placed posts in social networks and as a result of finding them a new home. Here the situation is complicated by the fact that help is needed is not an ode to a dog, and their whole family.

To separate them at this stage is simply impossible. But and leave them on the street, the volunteers just could not. And now the whole family is in the shelter, they face a long rehabilitation process, but in the end they will be ready to go to a new home.