Child Plays With His Dog But The Way He Does It Made The Viewers Horrified


There are scenes in life that make viewers close their eyes. You do not know what to expect next. The toddler played with a dog and even taunted it for some time. All were frightened to see the baby do that to a dog and people expected the dog’s response, but, fortunately, the English bull terrier was a very patient dog and just wagged his tail and tried to hug the baby in response. The main blame in this situation is on parents who let that happen. The child is not able to understand what is right and wrong and they should explain this to a baby but they do not do anything. They do not worry about safety of their kid as well and seem to trust to dog completely. The child kisses and cuddles the dog but also slaps the dog. This scene made all viewers horrified and the parents were branded “irresponsible”.