Chihuahua goes crazy


His dedication to the owner of the dog cannot be compared to any pet. Taking care of his pet, a person is so attached to it that in the event of trouble with health, worried no less than a loved one. Chihuahua is the healthiest dog breed, and with proper care, it will not cause much trouble.

The only thing you need to know its owner is to breed characteristic physiological processes. If after grunting Chihuahua is not observed oddities in behavior, it means to breath during a coughing fit had not been violated, and she’s not in danger. Experienced breeders say that the pig looks more terrifying than is in fact.

To avoid excessive anxiety nerve-wracking you and your pet, you must remember that grunting usually last no more than 30 seconds. The second point, while grunting respiration is not broken, the mucous membranes have a natural color, and muscle tone is normal.