Chef dog bakes cake: funny dog maymo


The Internet conquered the dog from Sweden, who with a view of the master tools in the kitchen and prepares absolutely amazing sweets. What’s going on in the dog’s head? Do you have dog thoughts or even what can be called intelligence? This question may seem absurd, especially to those who already have a faithful four-legged friend.

In everyday life we attribute to them certain intentions – to want to eat, to decide to sleep on a sofa or to try to protect the territory – and expectations – to believe that now she will go for a walk, to believe that the cat sits on a tree. We give dogs more complex feelings, such as pride: we believe that the dog demonstrates the nobility of its breed and therefore has a proud posture and looks down on everyone.

If, after returning home, the owner of the puppy will suddenly discover that his shoes are torn to shreds and the legs of the table nibbled, he decides that the puppy did it out of revenge for his long absence.