Chained Up Outside For 5 Years, The Only Word This Dog Knew Was ‘No’


Stories of abused and neglected animals leave us heartbroken any time we hear one. And we wonder over and over again how can there be people out there who treat animals with disrespect, and even beat them and let them starve to death. Cases like these speak volumes about the failure of humanity.

The beautiful dog Marley had a tough life. Living in a tiny wooden dog house, starved and malnourished, he never got to learn how to play fetch or be loved until the people from PETA stood for his rights to have a decent life.

Marley would be served his food which was mainly cheerios in a dirty plate and he would drink dirty water from a bucket filled with algae.

Whenever this poor dog would wag its tail, he would got hit on the head. His life was so miserable that if the PETA staff didn’t do anything for him, he would have probably died in that filthy yard. The only thing this dog knew, was ‘no.’

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