Chained-Up And Alone, Dog Which Only Knew ‘No’ Gains True Happiness


This it is a watchdog 5 years, I’ve been sitting on chain in the yard and knew only one team — “No”. The Marley behind the terrible life that deserves no dog. The owner kept it on a short chain in the backyard and almost never paid poor attention. He was fed scraps from a dirty tray, and it is not always. He drank the dirty water from the bowl, the bottom of which was going ill. If he started barking and nervous, the owners beat him on the head. He didn’t even know his nickname and one word and at the same time team, which he heard was “No.”

In the accident there was no other shelter from the cold, but a small wooden box, and he never lay on a warm bed, because he was not even let in the house. The staff of the animal protection organization PETA has done everything possible to pick up Marley from the owners and give him a better life. After five years of negotiations, negligent owners finally agreed and gave it to the rescuers.

Those immediately took him to the shelter and found out that the dog has an extreme degree of exhaustion, besides he is infected with parasites. He desperately wanted him there, but attention and affection were no less. Poor Marley didn’t know what it was like to be loved. One of the members of PETA Michael moss was so pleased with Marley, the man decided to take him home! At last the dog appeared a warm bed, and no one else threw it on the street. And he had a dog-sister Kaya, with whom he loves to play.