Cats Meeting Puppies for the First Time


A cat and a dog are two completely different animals. Biologically it so happened that at the sight of the cats, the dog rushes in pursuit of it, and when a dog is aggressive the cat responds by hissing. But there are times when people can not choose someone one.

It’s one thing when a dog and a cat about the same age. In such cases, the kitten and puppy become friends almost immediately and for life. The process of Dating adult animals should be taken seriously. At the first meeting you should hold the cat at eye level of the dog, but the dog itself you need to keep.

This way you will show the animals that they are safe, which will give them peace of mind and comfort. If even under these conditions, one of the animals still behaves aggressively, trying to escape or to pounce on the second, you should stop Dating. The same procedure should be carried out later.