Bus Driver Stops Bus In Order To Save Dog From Highway


Bus driver, Silvio Gomez was simply going about his typical route, when something in the roadway caught his eye. Stranded in the middle of a busy highway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was a terrified stray dog.

The pup had somehow ended up on a median in one of the busiest roads in the country. It doesn’t take much imagination to assume what would probably happen to the dog if it were to stay out there for too long.
Without hesitation, Gomez stopped the bus to try to help the animal.

Of course, passengers had no idea why their bus was suddenly halted on the side of the freeway, but it only took a few moments to realize the act of kindness taking place right in front of their eyes.

When asked what made him stop the bus, Gomez had this to say,

“I left the station of Magalhães Bastos and saw, between the breccias of the concrete, that the dog was lying down, I went to the Military Village and when I returned the dog was in the gutter, scared. I had the attitude of stopping the car and trying to save its life.”

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