Bulldog Was Watching A Horror Movie


Like a bulldog watching a horror movie. They say that a dog instinctively feel the danger: the fact your example proves bulldog named Khaleesi, which is in the process of watching horror movies very emotional reaction to scary moments.

The dog’s owners posted on YouTube a video in which Khaleesi is watching the events in the movie “The Spell”. According to the owners of dogs, Khaleesi likes to watch with them horror movies. Moreover-she empathizes with their characters, which is about to face something terrible. Especially the bulldog cares for children.

Videos posted on YouTube on June 5, just five days watched almost 1 million times-these results show not all the interesting videos. In addition, thanks to the activity of the audience, this video with Khaleesi got into the list of so-called “trends” (the most popular publications) YouTube for the week.