Bulldog Puppy’s First Steps


Tebow, tiny English bulldog learns to walk. And he helps himself barking. All sometime happens for the first time. Children learn to walk, the puppies also learn how to walk. But it’s so adorable. Well thanks the camera you can take these funny moments and remember them later, when your friend will become a great and terrible defender. After birth, the puppies are not only helpless, but immobile.

The first significant motor activity occurs when open eyes. From that moment they feel more confident and attempting to stand up. Around the age of three weeks, these cubs begin to walk, and in thirty days had run. Puppies are born completely blind and deaf. They have no teeth, can’t walk, and in great need of warmth and care. At the beginning of life every day these kids busy sleeping and eating. Only when the eyes are opened they are a little settled and start to make steps towards independent living. After how many days after birth babies begin to see and hear? First, after about a week the puppies open ears. At the same time, the first time they are able to distinguish only loud sounds.

Gradually, day by day, hearing starts to work better. Eyes open a little later, from the tenth to the fourteenth day. And then, at first, the image is not legible and differ only light, shadow, outlines and contours of objects. In three weeks, when the pet grows up, the eyes begin to see in normal mode.