Brave Golden Retriever Saves Beloved Bald Eagle From Freezing To Death


It’s no surprise when you see a Golden Retriever trotting happily along with their owner. This dog breed is known to be man’s best friend and they make wonderful companions. We’ve read thousands of stories about them, making them an endearing breed to many. This story will deepen your love for them even more!

Kenai, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, was out for a walk with her owner one day. She is generally even keeled, so when she started barking insistently, her owner knew something was up. Sure enough, what they found was an injured bald eagle! She was perched on a branch near the water but she could hardly move.

The eagle was terrified by the big Golden Retriever, so she started hopping away. Kenai’s owner came back the next day to get the eagle the help she needed. They followed the tracks that the eagle left in the snow from hopping away.

They had called in backup from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). So when they had successfully tracked the eagle down, the DNR was able to take the bird in for some TLC. She was partially frozen and had a shoulder injury. But they do expect her to make a full recovery, much do in part to Kenai! What a hero!

You can watch the rescue in the video below.