Brave dog put his life on the line to save his best friend


Sixteen-year-old Javier and his dog, Rex, were home alone one fateful Wednesday afternoon in their home near Seattle when two robbers suddenly broke in. A frightened Javier ran upstairs to call the police and hid in a closet. Meanwhile, faithful Rex confronted the intruders, refusing to back down and trying his best to save his friend.

The intruders attacked Rex and struck him. Injured and bleeding, the dog raced upstairs to protect Javier and prepare for another fight.

“Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet,” said Susy Cadena, Javier’s aunt. “Soon, the burglars proceeded to the upstairs floor and trashed all the bedrooms. As they entered the room where my nephew was hiding in the closet, Rex came out with the little strength he had left in him and threw himself at them as he knew my nephew was in danger.”

In his last-ditch effort to save Javier, Rex leaped at the two thieves; they opened fire on him and struck him three times. The men raced out of the house and got away. Although Javier was safe, Rex was not. The gunshot wounds were severe, and he needed immediate medical attention.

At the scene, authorities took Rex to an emergency veterinary clinic where he was stabilized. Veterinarians told Javier and his family that surgery was necessary for Rex to have a chance of surviving the damage the shots caused and the significant blood loss. The operation and subsequent medical treatment would cost $10,000, far more than Javier’s family had to spare.

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