Boy With Autism Finds His Voice & A Best Friend Thanks To Rescue Dog.


For eight-year-old Jonny Hickey, life as a kid on the autism spectrum can feel pretty isolating.

He’s always been a sweet boy, he’s just had a hard time bonding with anyone besides his immediate family, and even then, he’s had periods of introversion. He even had trouble bonding with the family’s two dogs and his mom and dad began to worry that he’d always feel lonely. Jonny could go for long periods of time without even speaking. But things were about to change!

At the same time not far from their home, a tiny pup named Xena was barely clinging to life. She was neglected and starved almost to the point of no return when she was picked up by rescuers at DeKalb County Animal Services.

One night, though, little Xena appeared on the local nightly news and her story touched thousands of hearts, including the heart of Jonny’s mom, Linda.

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