Boy Leaves Puppy In A Box Outside School, With A Heartbreaking Note Explaining Why


Dogs are kids’ best friends. Growing up around one can teach the child how to better socialize and share. Unfortunately, not every home has the opportunity or the appropriate conditions to take a puppy in, so many children don’t know how it feels to have a dog.

As for one boy, having a dog was what he wanted the most, but sadly, he couldn’t take care of the little puppy he found. The boy, although very young, was well behaved and didn’t want to leave the dog on the streets, so he decided to find him a home.

He thought that the best thing to do was to put it in a box and leave it somewhere where he knew they will take good care of it. It was all heartbreaking because the boy already fell in love and grew fond with the puppy, and letting go wasn’t easy at all, but it was the only thing he could do.

He placed the box with the puppy in front of a school’s front door, knocked on the door, and quickly ran away. The janitor who was cleaning the halls heard the loud knock and once he opened the door he could see a young boy running and a box next to his feet.

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