Bought Online As A X-Mas Gift, 8-Week-Old Ronnie Becomes First Dog To Be Abandoned In 2018


It became the first puppy in 2018 which was handed over to the shelter. 2018 was the year of the Dog, so it is not surprising that many considered a great idea to give puppies for the New Year. And well, if an animal falls into a family in which about it for a long time dreamed in which it will love with all my heart and cherish.

But, unfortunately, sometimes is quite different and the animals get to the shelter. Ronnie-tiny puppy, which had been given under New Year one a man friends. He was not even two months old when it was purchased from a breeder via the Internet in order to give.

And after a few days, Ronnie became the first puppy who was handed over to the shelter Battersea Dogs and Cats Rescue in 2018. For some reason, the man could not take care of the baby.