Blue Was Abandoned In The Mountains With His Mouth Taped Shut And Left To Die


Exactly a year ago in Ontario (Canada) found the dog. She was lying in a vacant lot near a tire shop. The paws and muzzle of the animal was wrapped with electrical tape. The situation could end in tears: the dogs mouth swelled up and she was breathing with difficulty.

Live baby was only a few hours but found it in time! Society Windsor/Essex County Humane Society helped the poor animal to survive. Employees of the organization not only saved the dog, but also learned the shocking details of this story. It turns out that the owner of the 7-year-old dog named justice agreed to euthanize the pet.

For what? But only for the fact that his granddaughter is allergic to animals, and the dog no longer wanted to keep in the house. To look for new owners, no one wanted.