Blind Man Straps Camera To Guide Dog’s Back. When Wife Sees Video Later She’s Horrified


37-year-old Amit Patel lost his sight a couple of years ago. Now his service dog Kika helps him to walk around. The dog is necessary to keep the owner safe out but the man still says that he feels like a scared little boy in the corner. So the person has a condition, when he depends upon the surrounding people. They see the blind man and can help him in this or that way. However, man experienced absolutely different attitude to him. People are not responsive at all. Many people are just indifferent. There were even cases when they mocked Amit or made things even harder for him.
The man decided to attach a camera to dog’s harness to let others see it and tell him if the situation is really as serious as it seems to the man. Walking around each day, he recorded secretly what happened around him. When his wife watched it, she was furious and heartbroken.
She saw how woman puts her bags on the empty seat not to let the man take a seat next to her, and nobody offered sear to a blind man, how empty taxi cabs passed by without stopping, how man is ignored and so on.
The story was shared to attract attention to the problem.