Blind Man Left In Tears After Nobody Gave Up Their Seat For Him And His Guide Dog On The Train


There are a lot of kind people out there who wouldn’t think twice about giving up their seat for someone who needs it more than they do. Then there are the people who won’t even get up to make a disabled person’s life just a bit easier.

Amit Patel has dealt with his fair share of the latter. The 37-year-old used to be an A&E doctor before he developed keratoconus, which led to him losing his sight five years ago. Since then, he’s gotten his guide dog, Kika, who is one of only 5 percent of guide dogs who are trained to take their owners on escalators. She’s helped him tremendously, but life hasn’t been easy for the former doctor — especially on a recent train ride, during which London commuters refused to give up their seat for him.

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