Black Labrador Caught Having Way Too Much Fun In The Pool


Summer, heat and so want to plunge into the cool water. Ideal option of course is any body of water, but if such a not, the be appropriate and Wilkes. Do you think the pool can not be as fun as in open water?

If you think so, then obviously you are not familiar with a black Labrador Retriever named Thiel. Tila has her own pool and she loves to splash around in it hot days, and she does it so that you just start to envy him. Long live the positive summer vibes! Labradors are, of course, waterfowl dogs in the historical past they helped the fishermen to pull the heavy nets out of the ocean, and now are used to feed fowl from water and land, and offers outstanding abilities to sail.

But they also like to hack – why swim if the rear get to the bottom and you can just walk? But if even a hilarious fold front paws, she’ll roll with laughter, but to make their owners happy – the first task of family-friendly dogs!