Beautiful White Husky Gave Birth To 12 Puppies, Happy Dad Is Always Nearby


There are such moments in life of every family. They become precious memories that are remembered the whole life. When children are born and parents feel priceless emotions and happiness, it is hard to compare this with anything else.
If you think that it refers to humans only, you are mistaken. Dogs can have the same.
Not all owners are able to afford to keep the couple of dogs with their litter, but these dogs are lucky! They can enjoy such moments just like people do. Look at happy mother and dad who is always hanging around looking after his sweetheart and adorable babies that surround her now. 12 puppies is a big litter from this adorable white husky. There is not enough room for puppies to eat, so three pups wait for their turn and one of them chose the place to get mother’s attention and love instead of food. Such a cute scene