Beagle’s Ready For Bed – His Nightly Routine Has The Internet Rolling With Laughter


This dog loves to do everything by itself, even cleans a bad. Hounds is an ancient group of dogs and their images can be found on ancient Greek and Roman frescos. In addition to long-legged hounds, there is depicted the small-eared dog, short legs, chasing small game.

During his campaigns in the Northern lands, the Romans left there not only their culture, but, of course, their dogs. So the theory that Deerhound – direct ancestors of beagles are descendants of the Roman hounds, currently very popular among dog handlers.

The Beagle is a dog that loves to run. In order that this feature did not become the reason of continuous adventures of your Beagle, it is better to direct it to the peaceful course. This, of course, different kinds of sports for dogs, Canicross, Bangerter, agility, and sometimes Frisbee.