Badly Injured Stray Poodle Bites Rescuers, But She Still Refused To Let Him Go


Hope For Paws needs no introduction. The non-profit rescue organization has been saving dogs in need for years now. They are extremely dedicated to their cause, as they never back away from any situation, no matter how dire it may seem. They upload their rescues on their YouTube channel, and every case is heartwarming and inspiring. The following video shows another one of their amazing rescues, and you will definitely be moved by it.

The rescuers got a call about a dog living near a desert. He was totally alone, and needed help as soon as possible. The Good Samaritan that called the rescuers pointed out the dog’s location, which is when they realized the true extent of the dog’s situation. The poor poodle’s fur was filthy and totally matted. He was very wary of the rescuers, and started barking in order to keep them away.

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