Baby poops in his diaper


Nothing warms my heart more than seeing a baby giggle and smile. It’s just so lovely—and I find myself suddenly tearing up without really knowing why.

The baby in this clip also made me laugh and caused tears to stream down my face—but for an entirely different reason…

The video starts off normally at first. A mom is chatting with her baby as the little one and the family dog share a cuddly moment together on the couch…

But the moment isn’t destined to last long.

The baby’s mom realizes that her little sweetheart looks like he has to poop—and before you know it, there’s a small explosion in his diaper.

The family dog, who’s caught completely off guard, is instantly awoken from her beauty sleep. And the dog’s instinct is to get the heck out of there as quickly as possible.

Check out the dog’s hilarious reaction here: