As soon as this darling pit bull hears the ice cream truck, she does the sweetest thing


The high-pitched tone of children’s music playing on a loop during the summer typically has kids dashing out the door to welcome a sweet treat from the ice cream truck, but this truck has an unusually happy guest: a pit bull. Watch the video below as the dog excitedly encourages his owner to buy him a cone. The wagging tail and the eager wiggle are good signs that this dog knows what’s coming.

The sweet dog runs to the truck, looks eagerly behind him to see if his owner is following, then takes his place in line. This charming dog waits patiently as his ‘mom’ buys him an ice cream cone from the driver before diving into his treat like an eager child. It’s pretty obvious this dog is well-trained. He sits on command and waits, almost stone still, until his prize is in hand.

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