Are Pitbulls Dangerous Dogs? WATCH This To Find Out


Look at this handsome man! His charisma, charm and a joint photo shoot defenseless animals make it possible to assume that this is the kindest in the world pit bull. Abroad decided to take the puppies at 6-8 months of age when the nature and skills of the pup formed, he was trained by the breeder all dog tricks.

In this case, the habits formed and the dog will be very difficult to retrain a pet “by itself” if something in its behavior does not match Your requirements. It is also impossible to buy a dog at the minute impulse: it is necessary to examine several breeders provided litters, become acquainted with the condition of the animals.

Pay attention directly on the litter: if there are any puppies with any defects or birth defects, that fact does not speak in favor of the breeder and the pedigree of his pet, and there are other puppies can be health problems.